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About the Author,   Brandi-Renee Greene (aka MsB)
I am an insatiable inquisitor and conversationalist who blogs and tweets to feed my insatiable (though highly introverted) need to connect with people, share information and ideas, and learn through dialogue.  I am a:
Writing Enthusiast: I have a writer's soul.  My spirit is moved by well-articulated expression, prodigious vocabulary and the cadence of a well-crafted sentence.  In my world, there is nothing more beautiful or worthwhile than when the soul, led by the heart, shares itself freely with others.

Sapiosexual: My G-spot exist at the intersection of intellect, common sense, independent thought, and articulate expression.

Consummate Laywoman: I'm no expert.  Self-educated by my experiences, a voracious appetite for information, an addiction to intellectual engagements with others, mentorship, and (of course) the internet, my opinions and commentary are not derived from classical expertise but they are generally hella on-point nonetheless.

Black-American Culture Curator: I have a preoccupation with Black-American culture and offer curated commentary on aspects of that culture that I deem most relevant. 

About MsB.Happy: Observer. Inquisitor. Conversationalist
An exigent need for information, connection, intellect, wit and substantive commentary fuel my on-line engagements. The pursuit of joy and the intimate knowledge of love and happiness fuel my off-line engagements.  At the crossroads of the two, exists this blog.

About Project MsB.Happy As Is
Happiness has always been a riddle wrapped enigma for me - something I could grasp, even attain on a temporary basic, but not something that permeated through me. Early last year, during a period of extreme personal anguish, I sought the professional help of a therapist.  With her help, I have been on the sometimes painful, sometimes awkward, sometimes challenging, but immensely empowering personal pursuit of happiness.  Project Ms.B.Happy As Is is how I've decided to document it.

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