Thursday, September 5, 2013

Today's Lesson Learned: Love you, but fuck off...

I fucking love my hair today.  It's an unkempt mess of a day-old-fro, but dear God it make me happy.  I noticed it today, catching a glimpse of my reflection in the bathroom sink.  I did a double take and admired myself.  There I stood with a makeup-free face and rhyme-less, reasonless, unruly hair  and I was shocked to find myself completely delighted with my the person who stared back at me. 

I fucking love my hair today and thankfully, because I'm hold up, alone in my apartment, I might be able to ride the high of self-appreciation all the way until tomorrow. Today's solitude will allow me to bask in the beauty that I see in myself without the interruptions of "helpful" family and friends who, without solicitation, often feel the need to critique my coiffure and make suggestions on improvement.  Their recommendations are incessant, I suppose because there are a flood of natural-haired girls (like my sisters and unlike me) who have the inclination and desire to achieve fanciful follicular feats on a very regular basis.  The thing is, that ain't me.

I'm more of the let it grow, let it fro, let it go mindset.  Unfortunately, people around me just can't seem to buy into this mantra.  This weekend, the Ace Partner in Crime (APIC) asked (for the umpteenth time this summer) what was I going to do with my hair.  My aunt, poses the same question every other time I see her.  My mom, she's taken a new approach that entails sharing new miracle hair products with me at every opportunity.

I fucking love my hair today, in fact today I feel beautiful. What sucks is that to accomplish this feeling, I had to be (*singing in my best Celine Dion impression*) all by myself.  The good news, however, is that this moment of self-awareness has left me with the following lesson learned:

Love you, but fuck off:  I know you mean well and want what's best for me but right now I'm happy as is and don't need your suggestions on my improvement, thanks.

(PS - I'd like to dedicate this post to a very special little girl that I read about today.  Her name is Tiana Parker and she was recently sent home from her charter school, Deborah Brown Community School in Tulsa Oklahoma for having (neat and well-styled) dreadlocks.  I am saddened that this school, who caters to Black and Latino students, is run by a predominately Black staff, and advised by an entirely Black school board, would take such an antiquated and conservative view on Black hair.  I am mortified at the pain they caused this beautiful, young straight-A student and view this perpetuation of Black shame (which may leave an indelible mark on her sense of self) as grossly despicable.  Obviously little Tiana is too young to tell the Deborah Brown Community School to fuck off but I am happy to do it for her.)