Thursday, August 22, 2013

This morning: Join Alicia Keys for a Community Conversation on HIV in Harlem!

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Yesterday Alicia Keys delighted regulars over at Essence Debates (my current midday addiction) by joining us to discuss the work she does with Keep a Child Alive, a non-profit organization that advocates for the treatment and support of families affected by HIV/AIDS.

Keys introduced us to the EMPOWERED campaign, which aims to deconstruct the stigma many associate with HIV/AIDS and replace the misconceptions with stories of  hope.  Yesterday's conversation was very fruitful, highlighting a true thirst for awareness around the topic.  Many people were curious as to how they could help and Alica tweeted a few suggestions:

Ms. Keys also shared that she is going to be in Harlem today for a Community Conversation on HIV and invited fellow New Yorkers join her.  Essence_Debates tweeted me the information and I'm sharing it below (it's a shameless Twitter plug in hopes that you'll follow me!).  I really want to be there but my weekend wedding plans on The Cape start tomorrow and 24 hours was not enough time to rework today's scheduled prep for that.  Hopefully some of you can attend and lend your support!! 

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